Mission & Vision

Welcome To Our Society


We want to look forward to build the nation. Now, world is a global village. We want to gather information, improve technology from other society and to raise our modern city “Purbachal Adarsha City” & Dhaka By-Pass Adarsha Nagor”.We believe, it is Possible by strong commitment, well planning, using best technology, equipments and trained-laborious worker. We look for best quality, professionalism and moral values.We are trying to build a new arena in the real estate sector to establish our building projects with some new theme and also to erect a new & modern city just beside Rajuk “Purbachall Natun Shahor” with all facilities of township.


“Adarsha Group” is a emerging company, specially lead in housing Sector for reducing housing problems of the people of Bangladesh. We have an ambitious programme for creating two Modern City namely “Purbachal Adarsha City” & “Dhaka By-Pass Adarsha Nagor”We are also engaging to erect some marvelous stricture in different lucrative location for both residential & commercial purposes.We also take a programme to establish educational institution specially intermediate collage and university for reducing lack of good institution and good educational environment.We are doing business as advertising farm by erecting bill board in different prime location for purposing advertisement of the projects of Adarsha Group and also to sell bill boards to the other companies. The company wants to do business in others media of advertisement. Its a profitable business as advertisement is very essential for any business as it is say- “প্রচারেই প্রসার”.

We also serve the nation by some others typical business to reduce employment crises and to generate income of the local people.